Your registered office in DigiKOT

As a self-employed or novice order taker, you like to tackle things professionally. Your own living room is not always the most suitable option for this. For that, we have the suitable option: Put down your registered office in DigiKOT.

This formula offers companies a professional image, a seat in our modern premises, a location for occasional meetings in one of our meeting rooms and a postal address for all correspondence.

What does it imply for you?

  • Possibility of placement of registered office
  • Use of commercial postal address
    • Listing of your company on the building’s mailbox
    • Possibility of placing a logo on the windows
  • Welcoming your customers and partners at the central reception
  • 1 locked cabinet
  • 25% discount on the use of the meeting rooms

Rates registered office


  • Use of flexible contracts (no 3-6-9)
  • Minimum contract duration: 12 months
    • Annually tacitly renewed with 6 months’ notice
  • Security deposit = 2 x basic amount

Baseprice registered office: €150

  • All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.
  • All prices are indexed annually
  • Additional facilities such as: Reception, postal service,… will be invoiced in addition to the basic price.
  • Invoices are payable quarterly in advance

Are you joining us?

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