Videorecording studio DigiKOT

Our videorecording studio in DigiKOT is where imagination meets technology to bring your visual stories to life. The studio is perfect for recording promo videos, inspiration videos, filming product videos, giving webinars and even hosting podcasts. Our expert team is ready to take care of your production.

Whether your goal is to advertise, inform, inspire or entertain, our studio is equipped with professional technologies to meet all your needs.


What should you expect?

  • Professional
    • studio equipment
    • Green key
    • Professional video camera
    • Studio lighting
    • Wireless microphones
    • Professional, inviting setting
    • Autocue for text
  • Technical support
    • Setting up the equipment
    • Camera adjustment and operation
    • Direction during production
    • Full time availability
  • Post production
    • Delivery of visual material
    • Possibility of processing the footage


Take a look behind the scenes


Discover down below some examples of videos that have been recorded in the DigiKOT videostudio.